State Novice Singles Results

Bendigo Bowls Division
Men’s and Women’s Novice Singles Results Sunday 25th October 2020
Venue- North Bendigo

Women’s Results
Round 1

S Gill lt M A Doyle 22/15
A Beauchamps def F Corstorphan 21/2
T Goudge wo J McQualter
K Tranter def E Bell 21/14
Semi Finals
A Beauchamps def M Doyle 21/19
K Tranter def T Goudge 21/12

Final will between Alicia Beauchamps (Castlemaine) and Kay Tranter (Eaglehawk)

Men’s Results

First Round

G Pitson def K Jermyn 21/6
B Berger def K Watson 21/14
D Thomas def A Verbaan 21/12
D Harvey def B Kelly 21/9

Round 2
J Matthews def T Mertz 21/7
G Pitson def B Berger 21/16
D Harvey def D Thomas 21/18
C Fordham def R Edwards 21/9

Semi Finals
G Pitson def J Matthews 21/18
D Harvey def C Fordham 21/9

Final will between Geoff Pitson (Bendigo) and Daniel Harvey (Bendigo)
Finals will be played Sunday 22nd November, venue and time to be advised