Men’s State Single’s Draw

Bendigo Bowls Division Men’s State Singles 20/21

To be played Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November.
Venue: Bendigo East Bowling Club
Report: 9.00am, Trial Ends 9.15am Commence 9.30am
Second Round report by 11.30am
Bowls Victoria Conditions of Play- 25 up knockout- 3 Rounds to be played each day.
Markers will be supplied for first round, losers are required to mark next round. If losers refuse to mark their entries for next event will not be accepted

At present time NO spectators are allowed.

The following players from second round required to report by 9.00am
A Harrison, J Bush, B Benbow, G Podesta, B Whiffin, I Ross, T Berry, K Watson.

Round 1

L Hartley v L Schraner
B Marron v M Lord
G Ryan v D Rowley
M Rowley v J Berry
D Harvey v P Fry
E Higgins v B Morley
T Bradley v I Aitken
M Smith v G Boyd
R Clough v J Jackman
R Matthews v R Payne
N Belt v G Woodward
E White v I Cail
C McKean v D Broderick
B Randell v A Cullen
B Holland v C Fry
Round 2
A Harrison v J Bush
B Benbow v G Podesta
L Darroch v L Manning
C Manning v J Matthews

Winner Holland/Fry v C Balnaves
L Kelly v K Rusbridge
T Babitsch v M Hocking
B Whiffin v I Ross
T Berry v K Watson