BBD Club Tournaments

Bendigo Bowls Division Inc.
Club Open Tournaments 2019 – 20

Sun 18th – South Bendigo Pot of Gold Mixed Pairs 12.30pm
Sat/Sun 24th-25th – Bendigo Classic Pairs (Men)

Thurs. 12th – Heathcote Invitation Fours
Sat./Sun 14th-15th -Bendigo Classic Pairs (Women).
Sun 15th- Harcourt Season Opening Day
Thurs 19th – Golden Square Scroungers Open Tournament 10.30am
Fri 27th- Strathfieldsaye Grand Final Eve Open Triples 12 noon
Sun. 29th – Serpentine Opening Day Haphazard Bish Memorial.

Wed 2nd- Bendigo VRI Open Fours 10am Lunch provided
Thurs. 3rd – Marong Midweek Invitation Medley Fours 10.00 a.m.
Sun 6th- Dingee Opening Day/Drawn Open Douglas Triples 1pm
Wed 9th- Kangaroo Flat Annual Tournament Fours 10.00am
Fri. 11th – Eaglehawk Ladies Invitation Fours 9.30am (VCAT approval) Lunch supplied
Thurs. 17th – Calivil Midweek Annual Fours Tournament
Thurs 17th- Castlemaine Toyota Medley Day
Wed 23rd – Inglewood Midweek Invitation Fours 10am
Thurs. 24th – Bendigo V.R.I. Mixed Triples 12.30pm
Fri 25th – Campbell’s Creek Open Annual Midweek Fours Tournament 9.30am
Wed. 30th – Eaglehawk Men’s Gold Letter Triples 9.30am (VCAT approval)
Wed. 30th – Bendigo East Bendigo Cup Drawn Mixed Fours (Casual Dress) 10.30am
Thurs 31st- Eaglehawk Ladies Consistency Fours 10am (VCAT approval)


Tue. 5th- Bendigo East Nominated Mixed Pairs 10.30am
Wed. 6th – Kangaroo Flat Flack Advisory 50 and Over Open Pairs 12.30pm
Fri. 8th – Bridgewater Medley Midweek Fours 10am
Wed. 13th – Serpentine Combination Fours BBQ Tea 6 p.m. Bowls to follow
Wed. 13th – South Bendigo Annual Premier Fours 9.30 a.m.
Thurs. 14th – Dingee Midweek Invitation Fours 10.00 a.m. Lunch Provided
Sat. 16th- Bridgewater Open Fours 12.30pm (3 x 8 ends)
Wed. 20th – Harcourt Midweek Triples Tournament

Thurs. 21st – Bendigo V.R.I. Mixed Triples 6pm Tea Provided
Thurs 21st – Golden Square Annual Tournament 10.30am
Sun. 24th – Marong Bob Malone Open Memorial 2 Bowl Triples 10.00 a.m.
Thurs. 28th – Calivil Midweek Christmas Haphazard

Tues. 3rd – Bendigo East Flack Advisory Sportsmen Day (Regulation Dress) 12 noon
Wed. 4th – South Bendigo Turkey Fours 10.00 am
Thurs 5th – Strathfieldsaye Mixed Open Fours with Lady Skips 10am
Fri. 6th- White Hills Annual Tournament
Sun 15th- White Hills Gold Letter Pairs
Sat. 28th – Dingee Open Fours. 12.30 p.m.

Wed. 1st – Calivil New Year’s Day Mixed 4’s
Sun. 5th – Serpentine Combination Fours. 12.30 p.m.
Fri. 10th- Strathfieldsaye Medley Open Fours 6pm
Thurs. 16th – Calivil Open Triples
Thurs. 23rd – Bendigo VRI Mixed Triples 6pm Tea Provided
Thurs. 23rd- Bendigo East Annual Fours Tournament 9.30am BYO
Sun 26th – Dingee Australia Day Open Fours 5.30 p.m. BBQ
Sun 26th- Bendigo East HQ Law/Venture Financial Services Triples 12 noon
Mon 27th – Marong Australia Day Open Pairs Birchgrove Property Tournament 9.30am

Sun 2nd – Harcourt Weekend Invitation Fours
Sun 2nd – White Hills Gold Letter Invitation Fours
Thurs. 6th- Calivil Midweek Invitation Fours
Sun 9th- Inglewood Charlie Catto Memorial Fours (Gold Letter) 9.30am
Wed. 12th – Serpentine Gold Letter Invitation Fours 10.00 a.m.
Thurs. 13th- Harcourt Midweek Annual Tournament
Sun.16th- Bridgewater Annual 4’s Tournament 9.30am
Sun 16th- Golden Square Frank Thomas Nominated 2 Bowl Triples 10am
Wed 19th- Campbell’s Creek Fruit Salad Mixed Drawn teams 9.30am
Wed 19th- Eaglehawk Radiator Natrad Pairs (Gold Letter) 12 noon
Thurs. 20th – Bendigo VRI Mixed Triples 6pm Tea provided
Wed 26th – Serpentine Any Combination Fours BBQ Tea 6 p.m. Bowls to follow
Wed 26th- Bridgewater Annual Midweek Tournament 9.30am
Wed 26th- Kangaroo Flat Phoenix Plumbing/Solahart Open Pairs 12.30pm
Fri. 28th- Bendigo East Wine and Dine Day 9.30am

Sun. 1st – Heathcote Invitation Fours 10am
Sun 1st – Strathfieldsaye Harris Open Fours 12 noon
Wed. 4th South Bendigo Bubbly Day 9.30 a.m.
Thurs. 5th- Inglewood Brian “Nippa” Dowling 2 bowl Triples 12.30pm
Thurs 5th- Castlemaine Midweek Invitation Fours Tournament
Mon 10th- Castlemaine Invitation Classic Fours
Wed 11th- South Bendigo Bonzza Triples 12.30pm
Wed 11th- Inglewood Midweek Invitation Medley 10am
Mon 16th-19th- COUNTRY WEEK
Thurs. 19th – Calivil Open Fours Annual
Sat 21st- Lockwood South 3 Bowl Triples Tournament
Sat/Sun 21st /22nd – Golden Square Ladies 5-A-Side Tournament 10am/9.30am
Wed 25th- Kangaroo Flat Invitation Tournament 10am
Thurs. 26th- White Hills Invitation Day
Sat 28th- South Bendigo Classic Pairs 9.30am
Sun. 29th – North Bendigo Gold Letter Day
Sun 29th- Harcourt Kidman Mixed Fours

Thurs. 2nd – Heathcote Mixed Triples Tournament
Fri. 3rd – Golden Square Invitation Day 9.30am
Sat. 4th- Bendigo East Nominated Mixed Fours 10.30pm
Sun 5th – Kangaroo Flat Invitation Open 2 Bowl Triples 10am
Fri 10th- Golden Square Good Friday Nominated Pairs/Fours Medley 10am
Sat/Sun 11th/12th – Golden Square Men’s Easter 5-A-Side Tournament 10am-9.30am
Fri. 17th – Golden Square Invitation Day 9.30am
Fri 24th – Eaglehawk Trevor O’Shea Memorial Women’s Triples 9.30am (VCAT approval)
Sat. 25th – Heathcote Roy Tattersall Memorial Triples 10am
Sun. 26th- White Hills Luke Goggin Real Estate Anzac Day Mixed Fours
Sat/Sun 25th/26th – Eaglehawk Trevor O’Shea Memorial Men’s 2 Bowl Triples 10 am (VCAT approval)

Sat/Sun 23rd/24th – Bendigo East 35 N under Nominated Pairs

COUNTRY WEEK (Bendigo) Monday 16th March – Thursday 19TH March

Weekly Events
Monday – Bendigo Jackpot Pairs 12.30 p.m. Names in by10am. (5443 4045)
Tuesday – Kangaroo Flat Open Nominated Jackpot Pairs 12.30p.m.
Tuesday- Marong Skills and Drills 5pm
Tuesday—Woodbury Jackpot Bowls
Tuesday- Bendigo VRI Social Bowls Open Mixed 12.30pm
Tuesday- White Hills Night Pennant November to February
Wednesday – Harcourt Social Bowls
Wednesday- Campbell’s Creek Social 9.30am (10am in winter)
Wednesday- White Hills Social Bowls
Wednesday- Bendigo East Drawn Triples 12.30pm
Wednesday – Golden Square Jackpot Triples 12.30p.m.
Wednesday- Heathcote Social Bowls 1pm
Wednesday – Eaglehawk Jackpot Pairs 12.30p.m. (Earlier start summer months)
Wednesday – Castlemaine Social Bowls 12.30p.m.
Thursday- North Bendigo Social Bowls
Thursday – South Bendigo Jackpot Pairs 12.30p.m.
Thursday – Kangaroo Flat Open Drawn Jackpot Triples 12.30pm (October to March)
Thursday – Golden Square Veterans Day 60 & Over (Last Thursday of month)
Friday – Bendigo East Nominated Jackpot Pairs 12.30p.m.
Friday – Kangaroo Flat Open Drawn Triples 12.30p.m. (April to September)
Friday- Marong Friday Family Fun Nights 6.30pm
Saturday – Golden Square Open Nominated Pairs 12.30p.m. (Off Pennant)
Saturday – Castlemaine Social Bowls 12.30p.m. (Off Pennant)
Heathcote Winter Tournaments First Sunday of June, July and August.