BBD State Events and Representative Games



Round 1

B Davies walkover L Harris, S Koch lt L Whiffin, J McCurry def G Jones
Round 2

V White lt T Marron, K Rowe def B Bodinnar, H Clough def S Lord
J Hoffman lt J McCurry, R Punton def L Tangey, J O’Shea def C Jansen
J Ross def J Conder

Quarter Finals
T Marron v K Rowe, H Clough v L Harris, J McCurry v R Punton
J O’Shea v J Ross


Round 1
G Baldwin lt M McLean, R Clough lt M Sidebottom, I Ross def L Manning, C Randell lt G Ryan,
A Brown def N Belt, L Kelly walkover R Pearce, M Lord lt I Cail, D Rowley def A Harrison, W Marwood def M Cole, M Spicer lt T Lester, M Anderson lt D Broderick, J Jackman lt B Randell, E White lt B Morley, M Rowley lt B Marron, T Bradley lt K Rusbridge, A Ellerton lt C Wilson.

Round 2
M McLean def M Sidebottom, I Ross def G Ryan, A Brown def L Kelly, I Cail def D Rowley, T Lester def W Marwood, D Broderick def B Randell, B Marron def B Morley, K Rusbridge def C Wilson.
Quarter Finals
M McLean v I Ross, A Brown v I Cail, T Lester v D Broderick, B Marron v K Rusbridge




Boromeo/Lucas Challenge Results
Results for the Boromeo/Lucas Challenge played at Kangaroo Flat on
Friday 7th December 2018.

J McCurry, T Marron, V Greenwood, S Howes (s) 12 lt E Kierce 18
M Goggin, G Waegeli, S Koch, L Harris (s) 13 lt H Hopkinson 20
F Pekarsky, J Clough, H Clough, A Borham (s) 20 def G Kaye 17
P Hunter, Y Robinson, T O’Shea, C Frost (s) 15 lt J Shepherd 16
I Godkin, J Conder, J Robertson, K Rowe (s) 23 def J Toose 14
V White, J Grainger, C Grenfell, H Cozens (s) 25 def L MacArthur 12
Bendigo won the shield for the 4th time 108 to Ballarat 97.
Best winning Bendigo rink V White, J Grainger, C Grenfell, H Cozens
And for Ballarat J Dunn, M O’Meara, R Armstrong, H Hopkinson


State Pairs
Next Round for both Women’s and Men’s State Pairs Sunday 16th December at Kangaroo Flat
18 ends knockout
Quarter Finals report 9am for 9.30am start
J McCurry v H Clough
Semi Finals to be played not before 1pm
J Belt v winner of McCurry/Clough
J Conder v A Borham
Last 16
P Brain v E White, B Marron v C Randell, B McConnell v A Tomkins. 9am for 9.30am start.
Quarter Finals- to be commenced by 1pm
K Rusbridge v M Sidebottom, Winner Brain/White v winner Marron/Randell, Winner McConnell/Tomkins v G Edwards, P O’Neil v T Ellis.

Women’s State Fours Final
Sunday 16th December 2018 at Kangaroo Flat
9am for 9.30am start.
B Bodinnar (Bendigo East) v J Ross (Golden Square)

Finals of other State Events
Finals for the other State Events refer to handbook

Results for Mixed Pairs
Section 1- Julie and Ian Ross
Section 2- Betty Bodinnar/J Cassidy
Section 3- Susan Howes/Andrew Brown
Section 4- Taylah and Brad Marron
Section 5- Helen and Rob Clough
Section 6- Sharon Koch/Geoff Wilson
Section 7- Jean and Nick Belt
Section 8- Ruth Pearce and Doug Condon


To be played Sunday 9th December 2018 at Bendigo East
9am report 9.15am trial ends for 9.30am start

Those in Round 2 report by 11.30am

(J Hoffman may have rollup before game)

Round 1 Round 2

V White v T Marron
K Rowe v B Bodinnar
H Clough v S Lord
B Davies v L Harris
S Koch v L Whiffin
J McCurry v G Jones
J Hoffman v winner McCurry/Jones
R Punton v L Tangey
J O’Shea v C Jansen
J Ross v J Conder


Round 1
G Baldwin v M McLean, R Clough v M Sidebottom, I Ross v L Manning, C Randell v G Ryan,
A Brown v N Belt, L Kelly v R Pearce, M Lord v I Cail, D Rowley v A Harrison, W Marwood v M Cole, M Spicer v T Lester, M Anderson v D Broderick, J Jackman v B Randell, E White v B Morley, M Rowley v B Marron, T Bradley v K Rusbridge, A Ellerton v C Wilson.